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Show Info: Helping you "step up to the podium with purpose", this podcast was created for the young choir director, but perfect for any passionate musician, artist, choral enthusiast, musical entrepreneur, solopreneur, or sidepreneur. Each episode features interviews with some of the world's most accomplished choral conductors, and is formatted to keep you energized and inspired! Ryan Guth (the Tim Ferriss of choir) delivers a three-part episode beginning with "The Downbeat", a look into his guests' histories, learning experiences, and successes. The second segment is the "Forte" segment, where we explore the guests strengths and find out what qualities they posses that make them unique and different. In the FINAL segment, the "Accelerando" segment, guests will respond to short questions about their morning routines, favorite concerts and books, exciting projects, and advice they have based on their experience and feedback they've gotten from their life on Earth! Join Ryan for Technique Tuesday where he shares tips and tricks to help you step up the the podium with purpose!

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