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Show Info: The only podcast that covers all-things-#Delco in an accurate yet politically incorrect fashion since 2012. Listen Live on Sundays @ 7:30 http://RambosDelcoRadio.com You can join the madness by calling the hotline during our live shows on Sunday. (610) NAG-1RDR You are from Delco. By definition, you are inherently awesome. This show takes place in Delco, so this show is destined for awesomeness as well... We all grew up suckling from this area's tender bosom, and we are superior because of it. Day to day, we often find ourselves contemplating the true definition of awesomeness. We know we exhibit all of the qualities of being awesome, but nobody has ever written a proper definition of the word. Here at Rambo's Delco Radio, that's what we do... things that haven't been done before (and if it has been done- we do it better). So what is awesomeness? Awesomeness is a true hodgepodge of great magnitude: a sprinkle of greatness dashed with a large heaping of RDR. We then smother that concoction of coolness with melted pepperjack cheese and thick-cut, smoked-apple-wood bacon (the stuff you get from the butcher- not that crappy, prepackaged BS) Why cheese and bacon? Because cheese and bacon make everything better... and if you don't like cheese or bacon, go move to Jersey (you know, the place that thinks it's New York). Yeah, that just happened. This isn't our show, it's your show. We want our listeners to gain the full Delco experience, so we value audience feed-back & participation. If you hear about an interesting, Delco-related story, know any bizarre characters, want us to feature a specific food joint, or just want to hang out, please contact us! We want to cover all of Delaware County, not just our immediate area.

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