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Show Info: The Faith in Humanity Podcast is a podcast where longtime friends - Sam and Dennis - sit down and talk to someone about their faith journey and what they do to find fulfillment in everyday life. What brought me (Dennis) to want to create this podcast is that I wanted to discover what component or aspect of religion/spirituality I have missed or not understood. I grew up in a very devout Christian household and was very involved in many different church activities for most of my life. I was surrounded by people - family members, friends, church mentors/leaders - who had a passionate love for God and a very distinct peace that they received from loving and trusting in God. As for me, I never felt that "being on fire for God" (as Christians call it) nor did I feel that peace in my life. However, I did notice a very similar devotion and peace from my other friends that followed other religions/spiritualities or even no religion at all. I wondered if it was their God that was giving them that passion/peace or maybe it was just that they were involved in a community that had similar ways of thinking. That is why I wanted to sit down and talk candidly with people about their beliefs and see if I can discover the missing component in my life or maybe what I am just not understanding, so that I can find that passion and peace that I need and have seen so many others have. I asked Sam to help me out on this journey, not only because he is my roommate and it would be awkward if I had a podcast and he didn't, but because he has been a part of my faith journey my entire life. Sam, like me, has grown up in a Christian household. He is someone who has run bible studies with me and had even gone to a Bible college to be a preacher before burning out and needing to drop out. Today, even though his faith has been challenged, changed, and grown, he is still a Christian. We both have always enjoyed discussing topics of spirituality together and look forward to speaking with our guests and having you all listen. We are not clergymen of any sort but are just two friends trying to figure it out. New episodes every month and minisodes throughout. Email: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter:

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