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What Craft Cocktail Trends Should Restaurants be Aware of?

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The first ever "cocktail party" was allegedly thrown by Mrs. Julia S. Walsh Jr. of St. Louis Missouri in May of 1917. Since then, cocktails have continued to grow in popularity and are now ingrained in America's social culture. Our guest this week has earned perhaps the highest accolades you can in the cocktail/mixology field and is at the forefront of craft cocktail trends. He is the winner of a James Beard Award for "Outstanding Bar Program" and was recently dubbed 2014's best  bartender in the world - that's right folks, #1 on the planet. In episode #051 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I welcome Charles Joly, co-founder of Crafthouse Cocktails, Principal at The Spirit Smith LLC beverage consultancy and current Beverage Director at The Aviary in Chicago. Charles has worked in the industry for over 17 years and has truly separated himself from the pack when it comes to mastering the art of creating and delivering craft cocktails. Go ahead, turn up the speakers, click play and listen to episode #051 of the Social Restaurant Podcast!   What You'll Learn During the Interview The history of cocktails and their current influence The evolution of America's culinary identity The quality standards that today's customers expect The importance of seasons and local influences in the craft cocktail world Joly's approach to taking a proven classic and putting his own unique twist on it Listen Now [Tweet ""We're in a really special time...things were really bland for a while, America didn't have its own culinary voice."-@Charles_Joly"] Subscribe using RSS Listen on Spreaker Tune in on iHeart Radio Subscribe in iTunes Download the mp3 Leave Us a Voicemail Did something from the show strike a chord with you? Go ahead and use our Speakpipe widget to leave the producers a voicemail with your comments! We'll try to feature it on next week's show! Additional Show Resources and Notes What makes a successful beverage program? Check out this article from David Flaherty in which he breaks down the fiveelements he believes are driving elements behind successful beverage strategies. Have you been inspired by the story of Julia Walsh's cocktail party milestone? There are a lot of factors that must be considered when planning a cocktail party, but luckily there are some great resources out there to help you. This comprehensive guide covers virtually every aspect of throwing a cocktail party. Looking for more resources to help develop your beverag

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