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Sensor Tower: The iOS 8 Features That Affects ASO with Alex Malafeev

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Sponsors Sensor Tower is my favorite App Store Optimization tool. Discover and identify the most worthwhile keywords to include in your app, guide based on keyword suggestions, search traffic estimates, and competitiveness difficulty ratings. Are you developing a mobile app? Get anything from icons and buttons to your entire mobile app designed at 99designs! You can start your next graphic design project for as low as $199. Visit and get a $99 Power Pack of services for free. Subscribe to the Show Subscribe via iTunes Subscribe via Stitcher Subscribe via RSS Show Notes You have created a great app which you were so sure will become a hit once you put it in the app store..but months down the road, nothing is still happening despite shelling out thousands for advertising. This is where Sensor Tower can help developers propel their businesses through market intelligenceto give you insights on how to grow your user base and get the exposure you need. Our guest for this show is the co-founder of this favorite optimization software in the app industry. With us today is Alex Malafeev, who is set to share to us how Sensor Tower can turn things around for you. He shares to us the following in this session: A peek at what the life of a professional gamer and caster is all about, How he met his co-founder, what made them decide to settle in the for app store businessand the brains behind their effective UI, Fixing bugs on the spot, talking to users and the things they consider as the strength of their products and their company, The things you can do with the tool, from having a view of the fastest rising apps, the trends in the market, review summaries, app marketing checklists up to sorting  ratings by stars, Their financial beginnings with incubators such as Angel Pad and how they expanded their reach towards a more comprehensive marketing platform Join us in this great discussion including discovering apps with the highest traffic but with low competition to give you a different perspective on how to approach and start your app business. App store optimization, competitor analysis, reviews analysis and app intelligence – a battery of offerings from Sensor Tower than you cannot miss to learn about. Show Mentions - WWDC 14 Recap

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