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Open Metalcast Episode #100: Triple-digit-metal

3 days ago52 minutes

Open Metalcast celebrates our milestone episode release with the release of episode 100. I had a few ideas floating around for what I could do with this episode. I thought of doing a retrospective episode highlighting artists played on the show. Perhaps it could be over several episodes? Several ideas percolated through my mind but ultimately one idea won out: just release a damn episode and say "hey, it's episode 100" in the notes for the episode. So here we are, along with new music by VRADEMARGK, Paroxysm, The Machinery of Other Skeletons, Legions Ablaze, Soulless Child, Marasme, and Everybody Row. Finishing up the show is a 13 minute opus by the band Petrychor which is unlike anything I've heard in quite a while. Thank you all for listening and being a part of the past 100 shows. Here's to 100x100 more! Keep it metal and keep it open! Shownotes after the break: (00:11) Anima Invictus by VRADEMARGK from The Black Chamber (BY-NC-SA) (05:24) Croyances Immaculées by Paroxysm from VORACITE (BY-SA) (09:21) Enervate by The Machinery of Other Skeletons from Beyond the Circular (BY-NC-SA) (14:15) End of Days by Legions Ablaze from Welcome Your Oblivion (BY-ND) (17:50) Dead Luck by Soulless Child from Witches and curses (BY-NC-SA) (22:06) Relapse by Colossal Figures from Clockwork Dilation (BY-NC-ND) (27:45) Cop de Gràcia by MARASME from De Llums i Ombres (BY-NC-ND) (34:40) Coming Out Clean by Everybody Row from The Sea Inside (BY) (38:23) Planets Born of Human Ash by Petrychor from Makrokosmos (BY-NC-ND) Please support the bands in this show! Buy a T-Shirt, head to the shows, or do a 100 episode show about their music. Whatever you can do to help these bands keep making music, please do it! Also check out the other great podcasts at Metal Injection, and be sure to listen to all of the great shows (including Open Metalcast) streaming 24/7 at Metalinjection.FM. If you have any suggestions for Creative Commons licensed metal, send me a link at

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