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Show Info: Join five companions and their (usually) benevolent dungeon master in this weekly series as they roll some d20s... and try not to die in the process. In the third season of "The Misadventures of Max's Minions", a 4th-edition-based D & D campaign, our heroes have managed to survive the hellish Endless Halls only to find themselves dumped unceremoniously into Sigil, the famed City of Doors. To make matters worse, the party’s hapless psion and his warforged companion have been… blended together… against their will and the eccentric wizard, Maximillian, responsible for getting them all into this mess in the first place has ditched them with nary an explanation. Listen in as Sting, a psychotic Pixie rogue, Stasi Xen, an ill-tempered fighter, Bullock, an obsessive-compulsive psion, Kildrek, the party's impatient leader and cleric, and newcomer Salle, a mysterious goblin sorceress with more than a few secrets, attempt to traverse the minefield of misadventures laid before them by the (occasionally) impartial and benevolent DM because, this time, every door leads to misadventure.

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