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Renal Diet Headquarters Podcast 028 – Keeping Food Safe For Your Picnic or Other Plans With CKD

Jul 321 minutes

Podcast #28 Released on July 3, 2014  Happy 4th of July if you are celebrating in the US.  Happy Canada Day if you are up North.     Send in your questions about all things related to chronic kidney disease to This week we are talking about food safety when you are planning a picnic, and handling food properly - especially the fresh produce you might have around this time of year.   Picnics and Food Safety is the theme for the month, and I want you to send in your questions about it.  I am going to spend time talking about how to do those so you are healthier. #1 - This week I am talking about how picnics need certain things to be safe and healthy.  Plus with all the fresh produce around, you are getting some tips on how to keep handling those safely.  I have a few links for you: Tips for Fresh Produce Safety (FDA) Website provides great information on handling food safely.  Food Safety Myths - a preview for next week. Email me at for suggestions Find us on iTunes at: Find us on stitcher radio at:

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