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Mad Marketing 34: SEO, Train Rides, and More

7 days ago42 minutes

Well, it's podcast time everyone and as always, this episode ended up have a great mix of education, laughs, and some typically random thoughts from yours truly. :) I think you're going to love this episode and as always, if you have questions for the podcast simply contact me here. In fact, here are a few of the topics we're going to discuss: Your Questions Hi Marcus, I'm hoping you can help. Like you I'm a firm believer in the power of online marketing, so much so that I've set out on my own to make it my livelihood. I have a website for my agency, as well as a blog that I'm filling with content my audience wants to hear, but it's a slow road being that the "digital/content marketing" space is so saturated right now. I'm going into my second year, but I've only got a handful of clients, and it's barely enough to feed the family. The problem I'm facing is this... As a one man show, it's difficult to sell larger businesses on my services, and the smaller businesses that will listen have small budgets and unrealistic expectations. How and where did you eventually find your "sweet spot" and how did you reach them? Much love and keep on crushing it! -J ______________________________________________________ Hi Marcus, There’s one simple reason that I’m writing you, to thank you... Without even knowing it, you’ve had a tremendous impact on the direction of my life. We’re living almost on the opposite sides of the world. I live in a small european country, Denmark, and you live in USA, Virginia. Despite of the long distance, you somehow made a way into my life and for that I am thankful. About three years ago, I saw an interview you did with a danish guy called Michael Aagaard. It was a coincidence, but after 10 minutes you began to share knowledge that drastically would change the way I work and think in terms of marketing. As the interview progressed, you talked about how answering your customers questions had saved your business. Back then, me and my colleague was in trouble like your business. Not due to the financial crisis, but rather a surge in competitors with the same business model; acquire customers online in order to sell ethanol fueled fireplaces. I was under pressure as I didn’t know how to sustain our business, but as I thought about all the questions we received on a daily basis, I really had one of those a-ha moments. Shortly after the video was done, I jumped right into word an began to answer the questions we receive

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