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Shawn VanEeckhoutte Angels of Light Radio 7/27/14

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TONIGHT! 8 pm PST/11 pm EST: Shawn VanEeckhoutte with North Orange County Paranormal Society on LIVEPARANORMAL the paranormal's TOP social community! Bio: Shawn has a technical background in electronics, mechanical, Video and sound engineering, Photography, digital arts and some study in psychology. Shawn is also a 30 year professional videographer and working as a producer/director as well. Shawn has had a skeptical mind to the paranormal from when he started in this field 7 years ago, he also has had, what he calls, unexplained events happen to him in the most recent years. Shawn has a theory because he's a skeptic, which might be why he gets picked on the most by unknown forces on paranormal investigative cases. It was Shawn's job to capture anything paranormal as physical evidence via video, audio or to find a rational explanation behind the unexplained happenings. He is the technical advisor for NOPS and also invents and modifies new tools for the NOPS team. Shawn has also built a NOPS Investigative mobile vehicle with a cutting edge investigative recording system. He is currently working on new stuff that will eventually be presented and used by the team. email:

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