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Show Info: Christine Corda is a Psychic Medium and a good one. God gave her these gifts, though as a small child Christine lived in a haunted home with abusive parents. Both of whom dabbled in the occult. Abuse and dark spirituality do not mix and this created a perfect storm to allow and even encourage negative entities to attack and take hold. For 6 long years as a child and teen she lived in the basement of that home. Alone and haunted. The results were horrific the hauntings went on for years. The teaching and empowerment were incredible. What is the lesson here? A: God is amazing and DOES bring us through the darkness....no matter what we are living in. God heals and strengthens even through the most terrible of places. There were human spirits, inhuman spirits and many situations of demonic oppression infestation at which time Christine was nearly fully possessed. With a formal exorcism botched abandoned by the Roman Catholic Church Christine had nothing left to use to help her but her gifts. Hers is a scary story a sad story a courageous story but it is above all an enlightening story and one of hope and goodness inspite of the darkness God has led her to light to empowerment and now she helps others who go through hauntings. Join us as Christine explores different accounts of hauntings. Come with us as we delve into the history of episodes of demonic possession and oppression. Prayers that work and prayers that do not. Why does it happen that in spite of prayers or deliverance things 'come back" Different ways that people of many different faiths work to free the world from negative energies and entities. We will have many different guest and many different subjects and hope you will join us! BE INSPIRED!! BE ENLIGHTENED and INFORMED!!! BE FREED!!! www.kissmeimpsychic.webs.com On "Kiss Me I'm Psychic Radio." Every week on BTR Free Readings with Christine or her guests! Independent reviews about readi.

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