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3 days ago90 minutes

We’re finally back and deeply apologetic about being gone for a month.  This week we sat down with a gentleman who’s gotten brought up on probably 3 of the last 4 podcasts, Jensen Karp.  Jensen was signed as a rapper at the tender age of 13 and maneuvered his way through the music industry as Hot Karl through his early 20′s.  Now he’s a prolific writer, podcaster, comedian, curater, manager, and all around hustler.  We talk to him about getting talent scouted at a bar mitzvah, finding out he has brain tumors, and Mack 1o showing up to his doorstep with a briefcase full of money. This episode is available on iTunes or Stitcher.  Remember to download the  Podcast App, and subscribe to Kinda Neat.  Leave a 5 star rating on iTunes, comment about who you’d like to see on the show, and remember to tell a friend! -Lee

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