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An uncensored discussion and reviews of and for Metal music. Honest feedback and a great mixture of heavy artists. Listen to over 15,000 radio shows, podcasts and live radio stations for free on your iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. Discover the best of news, entertainment, comedy, sports and talk radio on demand with Stitcher Radio. more
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Thats Dope!WWW.JARCODES.COMHi bands and fans. Jason from Jarcodes here. We are at the final episode for the month of April, and For me personally it is the end of a month that I thought might not even happen. Before during and after my eye surgery, I was concerned about one thing. Well two. My eye, and my podcast. For three years now I have been eating and breathing Unsigned music and broadcasting and in the seconds it took to hear the diagnosis all of that was at risk. After surgery I laid in bed feeling sorry for myself, then less sorry and more towards how I can improve this show. I was unable to go online, unable to network, or communicate with my co-hosts, but during all of that. In that moment that you wish you had one friend. I was lucky enough to have a few. My friend Cathie went above and beyond nursing me back to health, My good friend Nicole was there with me every day. Some times More then that. Calling me and helping me pull out of that depression I was feeling about the loose of something I had worked so hard on for so long. My friend and Co0host Johan stepped up without a hesitation offering the proceeds of his Ep to help me pay for the procedure, With such support it was less then four days after that eye surgery that I was up and editing a new pair of Countdown episodes. And so two weeks after that when I shocked everybody and insisted on recording with only three day warning. My friend Adam took it upon himself to make sure it happened. Johan immediately stepped in and while Jacob already had Easter plans and Tony had his first Vap Bash. We had ourselves a Live Stream Underground Recap Session. I guess that was a very long way of Thanking my friends who are my family and to help explain how much we all really love and believe in the potential of this project. We may be just a collection of Music loving fans But we all agree that what we do here touches and supports so many awesome people fans and bands alike that our goal had have to be improving.Alright! About these Five Top Five Band. Ranging from France, Finland,The United States, Russia, Japan, and Sweden. The sounds included in this April list was a varied as the countries. Diversity being a main goal here at The Unsigned Countdown. Bazaar with the Fierce blast beet filled track Vices and lies was so intense it made one of our crew Speed in a school zone? and punch children. Adam please seek help immediately. A pair of Countdown guest hosts collaborated As Travis did his verbal gymna

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