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Happy Labor Day!....So every episode takes a lot of time and effort. Finding bands, matching the list with hosts, recording song bumpers, lots and lots of research, editing editing and more editing, and of course setting up recording and editing some more the Underground Recap Sessions into the podcast. Uploading the episodes on a weekly basis. and promoting each one. Thats not even the behind the scenes stuff like the google drive top secret list that the judges use to rank and review each song, interviews when we can get them, Facebook events, or emails. All of that and many more tiny details I'm sure I'm forgetting each and every month. Only to come to this moment in the week. Monday when I realize that after all of that hard work I need to write the blog portion of the episodeThis is the most difficult part for me. I'm no writer, but what I think is even worse is that I don't think anyone even reads it. I do want to thank Travis and Erik for sitting in this month in some episodes that are a pretty far departure from our usual featured music. We were blessed to receive a wave of great music submissions all at once back in May and while they are still rolling in I thought I would take a month to think outside the box and ask some of the bands and musicians I respect and listen to if we could add them to this special month. Thank you to each of these artists for agreeing. It was a huge leap of faith saying yes to having their songs included in a podcast known for featuring hard and heavy music. These are not hard and heavy songs but they are some of the good stuff out there and I'm proud to say I created this listas well if you might like to be a part of one of our now famous aband and fan chat live feed interviews. Sit back and enjoy the lighter side of the Independent music scene. If you are one of those two people that read this let me know by tweeting @jarcodes #GreatShow #EpisodeS2.9.0. That would make my day. These episodes as well as this podcast have been produced by Jarcodes Productions. If you would like us to feature promote and review one of your tracks feel free to email me at Include the audio file or a link where we can download the file from, a brief biography including but not limited to location, genre, and collaborators, and band links.Music and artists featured in this episode include:Every Beat Of My HeartBy Radko MusicFrom San Diego CaliforniaGenre Alternative Rock, IndieFind Them On SoundCloud Facebook Twitter

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