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An uncensored discussion and reviews of and for Metal music. Honest feedback and a great mixture of heavy artists. Listen to over 25,000 radio shows, podcasts and live radio stations for free on your iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. Discover the best of news, entertainment, comedy, sports and talk radio on demand with Stitcher Radio. more
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Countdown Episode S2.8.25

Aug 1240 minutes

Who Is Ready For Tomorrow?Although it's still early with the new crew there is a real difference in attitude toward discussions about the events surrounding the show. An excitement about what we are actually trying to accomplish seems to fill the private chat we all use to keep connected. While talks often stream to the off topic some how for some reason I've noticed that with out me poking them these guys continually come back to subjects like the recordings, or new finds that we need to feature. For me it's pretty cool. What we do here is pretty cool. We feature promote and review music of the unsigned variety. but suddenly and with out forcing anything we've become fun again.In the coming months we hope to evolve into something even broader then we have been. We are considering new genres and new ways to promote. No longer I hope will it be ten songs picked by me and more of a collaboration of the minds getting together to talk tunes and having fun being able to just get together and talk. Just in our first get together earlier the crew recorded their first song bumpers and if that was any indication of where this new The Unsigned Countdown is going, I'm super excited to be involved and even more excited for you as the fan to listen.Thank you to every band for being apart of what we do and thank you to every fan for listening.Check out our Live Stream event Monday August 11th if you'd…ey=COuporm_pKmMRg#5In ChainsBy P210 Paul McCameronFrom Birmingham EnglandGenre Metal to Instrumental RockFind Him On Soundcloud Last FM Bandcamp YouTube and InstagramSoundcloud @paul-mccameron@paul-mccameron#4ReanimatedBy SahrFrom Madison AlabamaGenre Heavy MetalFind Them On Soundcloud YouTube BandcampSoundcloud @thisissahr@thisissahr#3I Could Never SayBy Chris ClancyFrom Cleveleys, Britain (UK)Genre Rock MetalFind Chris On Soundcloud Facebook YoutubeSoundcloud @chris-clancy@chris-clancy#2Into The Mouth Of MadBy Deltafourn9nerFrom Northern CaliforniaGenre MetalFind Them On Soundcloud YouTubeSoundcloud @deltafourn9ner@deltafourn9ner#1The Worst In YouBy KillscreamFrom Kirovohrad, UkraineGenre MetalFind Them On Soundcloudsoundcloud @/killscream

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