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An uncensored discussion and reviews of and for Metal music. Honest feedback and a great mixture of heavy artists. Listen to over 15,000 radio shows, podcasts and live radio stations for free on your iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. Discover the best of news, entertainment, comedy, sports and talk radio on demand with Stitcher Radio. more
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The Crooked Feelingwww.jarcodes.comHu. Jason from Jarcodes. In this episode I'm joined by Adam and Johan to talk about a great list of songs. This was our April Top Five, and the broadcast you are about to listen to is an edited down version of the Live Stream Underground Recap Session recorded Saturday April 12th 2014. To hear the full Length unedited and uncensored recording Just Visit…amp;feature=share. It's always a great time for us, but opening up the recording session to our fans and bands was really exciting for me. The music begins with The Betsy Roses and their Experimental Folk style, A short song Cities Which is only part of a full album offers feel, and vibe. While the band to follow could not have been more the opposite. Demon King's Thousand Fold Soul Came to me as an assault on my senses, Then like a tiny bug in my brain, to the unique first attempt that I hear it as now. After that we were lucky enough to have Erik Peterson Founder of a great new way to get help distributing, selling, and promoting Unsigned Artists Physical Records. After that we talk Steel Cranes and their slow moody Grungy Punky Track Boat Song. A song that instantly captured my attention four months ago when I begged the band to let me include it. Off to Sweden for a Gritty, post hardcore Plastic fantastIc classic simply known as DC. My finest Hour brought everything they had in this track, Screams, Cleans, Progression all coupled with Talent and some great lyrics. Rounding up this First Five is Johny Las Vegas and the Maleer's. Their song I Write The Songs You Make Them Better is a perfect blend of classic rock bar band grunge. Style, flow, and good production Came together here.Finally we wrap up with a little question and answer from My experts. I ask Johan about the use of compression, and he answers drawing on his years of experiences using plug ins and programs, I ask Adam about Guitar necks. Lol. I had no idea why there was different sizes, I've never played guitar. Adam explains away and clears it up for me.To hear the Countdown Episodes talked about in this episode as well as the place to find the band information feel free to click users can submit their song easily in our Submission Portal. Please read the description before thank you to every band and fan that has

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