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Show Info: Inventors Launchpad’s approach has changed the face of product development forever. We specialize in working with clients whom, have an Invention idea, would like to Patent a Invention, or simply check on the Patentability. Maybe you need help to create and submit your Invention Idea or file a provisional patent. No matter what your needs are Inventors Launchpad’s Engineers, Product Developers and Designers can help. Our Manufacturing Team specializes in finding the best geographical location to produce your product, our factories will utilize the best materials and workmanship to insure the quality and performance in each component. On the sales and retail side of the Invention world we have a strong focus on speed to market and product viability with an approach that gives clients, Inventors and product developers the best opportunity of reaching retailers like Walmart, Target, Walgreens or increasing your chances to License your product to a large manufacturer. Some ILP Inventions make it onto TV or TV shopping channels like, Shark Tank, HSN, QVC, Shop NBC, Jewelry channel and many more. With exposure such as this many products, prototypes or Inventions will catch the eye of Invention Investors, funding groups, angel Investment companies whom are looking to help with Manufacturing, Development, packaging and distribution through all types of media including Infomercials. So if your Interested in moving your Idea forward or need help with any of the services mentioned above I suggest you get in touch with Rick Valderrama at Inventors Launchpad right away

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