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Show Info: Inipi Radio is a twice-weekly podcast that holds space for discussion about lifestyle, science, consciousness, indigenous wisdom, philanthropy, creativity, and culture. Inipi Radio is hosted by lifelong strategist and philanthropist, Jared Angaza. The discussions are designed to toil with the questions and concepts around how we evolve as conscious beings and contribute to a more harmonious world. Every week Jared’s wife, creative partner and fellow philanthropist, Ilea Angaza, joins him as co-host for the "Love Like Water Sessions” where they discuss philosophies and methodologies for cultivating a conscious family, home and lifestyle. The Angazas posit that, humanity exists in a time when great contrast has been allowed to inspire us to understand our place and purpose in this universe. Through suffering, we are driven to seek spiritual alignment, look within, connect with the human spirit and evolve. This contrast is meant to refine us, teach us and help us tap into the divine guidance within each of us. But everything has its season. We believe our ultimate purpose is to move into a state of consciousness that no longer requires such extreme contrast to further our evolution. Inipi Radio discusses the science, perspectives, methods and ancestral wisdom that could lead humanity into a new season of peace and freedom. The show is hosted on Tuesdays and Thursdays with 40 - 60 minute programs. Each session is inspired by the belief that our most effective contribution to a more peaceful and loving world is for each of us to align with love.

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