Life, Unlocked - Maximizing the Path and Potential of the Creative Soul

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Show Info: No one can tell you how to make your art—your style is your own. But when you begin to ask yourself the right questions, that's when your work begins to shift and you start pushing your creative edge. I share the topics, questions, and themes that have helped me evolve my style and voice through 'Life, Unlocked', an ongoing self-documentary of my own studio practice. Broken into short, theme-based narratives in video, audio, or written article, fellow artists and creatives come into my studio for an immersive, gritty, earnest journey toward the heart of their own creative potential. As a multimedia artist, my range offers a unique angle: while I have many years of experience in painting, illustration, and storytelling, I am now beginning to work with music and short film. This brings a perspective rooted in the depth of experience, yet fresh with the excitement of a newbie. The podcast shares the audio version of the ‘Life, Unlocked’. Here I share “Creativity Thought-Starters," key topics to consider in your own practice. I hope these ideas help you drop deeper within your own creative practice. If so, I hope you’ll subscribe. ‘Life, Unlocked’ is an ongoing series that includes videos and articles, so don’t forget to check out the related videos on YouTube and the articles on You can come join the tribe on, and be sure to consider meeting them in person at an upcoming event or workshop.

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