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Show Info: Are you a startup or aspiring entrepreneur struggling with your business idea? Not sure where to begin? Can't seem to gain the traction to start something life changing? Well, the Stage One Startup podcast is absolutely perfect for you. On the Stage One Startup (S1S) podcast, Greg Nicholls and Bradley Morley will be interviewing the most prestigious entrepreneurs around, along with some of the greatest cutting edge startup companies on this planet today. We will be exploring the furthest parts of the entrepreneurial galaxy, asking our guests the type of questions that every single aspiring entrepreneur and startup needs to know. Unlike a lot of business/entrepreneur podcasts, Greg and Brad will be focusing on picking the brains of the entrepreneurs who have been there, done it, and worn the t-shirt, by asking them very detailed questions that they believe will help any listener go from "Stage One to Success". Every single aspiring entrepreneur deserves to know what the greats once did to get to where they are today and that's where S1S comes in to action. Greg and Brad know exactly how it feels to own a struggling startup company, having seen 3 of their businesses already fail in the early stages due to the lack of knowledge and guidance that just seemed impossible to find in a time where there is oodles of information. So they decided, instead of watching other people's businesses fail due to the same reasons, they made a pledge to themselves that they would track down the best in the business and have them talk us through their step-by-step guides on creating a viable business within that entrepreneur's niche. So, if you're frustrated with not seeing results with your startup idea because of the lack of useful tools and guidance then you've come to the right place. Get ready S1S crew, strap yourselves into your rocket ship to success and prepare for launch.

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