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A weekly podcast: Join Dave Pickering on his journey to get better acquainted with the people he knows. There are lots of shows about famous people. This is a show about the rest of us. Part interview show, part oral history project, the show was nominated for a 2012 Radio Production Award, goes out regular on Resonance 104.4 FM and was featured on the Radio 5 Live podcast special, Helen and Olly's Required Listening. Listen to over 25,000 radio shows, podcasts and live radio stations for free on your iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. Discover the best of news, entertainment, comedy, sports and talk radio on demand with Stitcher Radio. more
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GBA Live 12 - Fay Roberts

< 1 day ago55 minutes

A live recording of a GBA recorded at #edfringe 2014 at the Royal Oak as part of the PBH Free Fringe. This recording is unedited and posted in a no frills way due to the intensive workload of the festival, and for that reason these shows will also not have shownotes attached to them. 20th August: 20th August: Fay Roberts: Fay Roberts is a performance poet and peripatetic percussionist. By day she pokes projects and by night she projects across a microphone. She runs the Cambridge chapter of Hammer & Tongue, along with her own arts label/ brand/ movement/ “nebulous poetry concept” Allographic Press. And she is the director of Spoken Word at PBH's Free Fringe and runs Other Voices Caberet.

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