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The Geek Dimensions On Air Podcast Where We Say Stay Geeky Folks

Sep 27 1346 minutes

This is our second episode of the (soon to be world famous) Geek Dimensions On Air podcast and it definitely has made my Saturday mornings a joy to peel my eyelids back for - especially since it means I get to spend some time with two of my good friends Paul O'Flaherty and Brett Nordquist and talk geeky stuff over coffee. In this week's show we followup on our discussion of last week about the Steam announcements with some new thoughts since we have more news about it. As well we look at Game of Thrones and killing of major characters, the pros and cons about cleaning up comments, and Apple payola to EA. Here is the full list if headlines that we looked at: Valve announces SteamOS, a free Linux-based operating system and gaming platform for the living room Valve Announces 'Steam Machines,' Hopes To Improve Living Room Gaming Valve announces Steam Controller, a gamepad for its game console Thrones Will Have “More Deaths This Season Than Any Other.” Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. A Game Of Thrones Fan Film About Benjen Stark Is Amazing [Video] YouTube Announces A New Commenting System, Powered By Google+, With Threaded, Ranked And Private Conversations Why We're Shutting Off Our Comments

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