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Show Info: “Great minds don’t think alike. They think Unusual.” – Dr. G Host Gautam “Dr. G” Gulati is a globetrotting entrepreneur, physician executive, keynote speaker and university professor spanning diverse markets with an unusual perspective on both life and work. As a self-proclaimed, curiosity-driven investigative journalist, I ask the unusual questions that uncover the unexpected stories behind what truly makes people uniquely successful. The most successful people aren't defined by what makes them similar, but rather by what makes them different. That’s Unusual reveals the untold secrets, habits and tips from the world’s greatest minds, inventors, innovators, and influencers that makes them stand out from a world of averages. Within each individual resides an unusual story that captures the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. And I believe the best ideas germinate from the most unexpected, unscripted conversations. Why do they do what they do? How are they different? What was their biggest break?…and much more. This is not your usual podcast. In our conversations, I delve into the unusual moments of transformation that define the trajectory of their success. Learn how they used their differences to help gain a competitive edge in both life and work; and receive tips-you-can-use to help make you be a better you by harnessing your most unique and unusual qualities. Join me as we embark on a wondrous storytelling journey that explores the hidden depths of the world’s most intriguing people. Plus, every month, tune in as Dr. G answers your biggest questions about innovation, career, guests and whatever else is burning your mind. Submit your questions for Dr. G at

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