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Show Info: It was Christmas, 2015. My wife got me a Christmas gift unlike any other surprise gift I've received. It was an iCE Snowball microphone from Blue Microphones. The following week I started "FritzCast." I have always been interested in talk radio. From a very young age I would listen to various political commentaries, and as time has progressed, the listening has only increased thanks to podcasting. I think talking about things is important. At the end of the day, we may not agree with each other, but hopefully we understand where the other is coming from. So whatever the subject is; News, Politics, Entertainment, Tech, Religion and Spirituality...there's always a host of topics to discuss. Hopefully I can keep it humorous, yet informative. FritzCast. ***ALL MUSIC USED ON FRITZCAST IS COURTESY OF ROYALTY FREE MUSIC FROM BENSOUND.COM. If you're in need of music for a project, video, podcast or presentation, has a full music library***

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