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Grab your magnifying glass, gumshoes! It's time for some serious detective work. Detect This! is Film Geek Radio's weekly podcast devoted exclusively to discussion of the HBO television series TRUE DETECTIVE. Join Andrew and Charlie (from Avenging Angels and The Briefing Room) as they go week-by-week through each episode of the series, looking for clues to determine whether or not it's a great show. Can A-list movie actors like Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson and Michelle Monaghan effectively make the leap to the small screen? What are some of the deeper themes the show is trying to explore? The only way to find out is to tune in and help us Detect This! Listen to over 15,000 radio shows, podcasts and live radio stations for free on your iPhone, iPad, Android and PC. Discover the best of news, entertainment, comedy, sports and talk radio on demand with Stitcher Radio. more
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Episode #10: Season 1 Wrap-Up With Mo Ryan

Mar 2384 minutes

We hope you’ve all had funding Detecting This! Before Andrew and Charlie bow out until next season (or perhaps a summer podcast), they decided to record a special bonus episode to wrap-up the season. The fantastic Maureen "Mo" Ryan from The Huffington Post joins them for a conversation about what worked and what didn’t in True Detective, and how the show fits in the grander scheme of television. How does the reaction to the show reveal its true priorities? How is the controversy about its representation of women related to institutional factors at HBO? Did the show take a definitive stance on religion with its depiction of Rust as risen Christ-figure? What are the benefits of the single director production model, and what will we take away from the show overall? Tune in for all that and a whole lot more. SHOW NOTES: 4:25 - General thoughts on the finale and season as a whole 19:22 - The online reaction, "solving" television series 28:05 - Institutional problems with representation 35:04 - Finding the right balance between meta-commentary and gratuitous spectacle 53:03 - Listener email: things that weren’t clarified, Hart’s daughters 59:50 - Listener email: religious imagery, supernatural elements 1:05:13 - What we’ll take away from True Detective 1:12:40 - One writer and director, benefits of different production models 1:18:45 - Show close DON'T FORGET: You can contact the show by emailing or leaving a voicemail at 336-793-2509. Thanks for listening!

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