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Show Info: Hey. I’m Dennis. OK look ~ I may have been a peachy keen, hunky dory, cooking with gas, supercool radio deejay, voiceover type dude ~ back in the day. But I SUCK without Jesus. So the Vibe here at DennisJamesRadio is ChristCentered. No preachiness. No religion. He hates that. Just basic daily life application to equip, inspire and RockYourWorld. The teaching, Bold&Fresh. The takeaway, LifeTransforming. Based on the inspired, infallible, inerrant, true teachings from the AllTimeBestSeller that offers OneWayOut and a Chance4Survival in the fast approaching last days of PlanetEarth to live 4eva in TheAfterLife, with the KingOfTheUniverse himself. JesusIsMyHomeboy and the stuff I'm ThrowinDown is Str8outtaGodsAwesomeWord. Unleash some awesomeness for your life. Just PressPlay & RenewYourMind with GoosebumpWorthy 15 min PowerBreaks in between the AwesomeJams on SoundCloud & get you some JC vitamins to keep your GrooveGoingStrong. Come one. Come all. It's a brand new day. Let's do this. #JesusIsMyHomeBoy #HeGetsTheGlory #iSUCKWithOutHim #LifeOnLOUD "THE MAN FIX: Stuff MEN SHOULD ADMIT And WOMEN SHOULD KNOW" By Dennis James | Available at AMAZON.

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