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Kagro in the Morning - September 2, 2014

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We're back, post-Labor Day, to celebrate Eric Cantor having landed on his feet with a Wall Street firm. Surprise! What a regular guy he is! Greg Dworkin rounded up stories on the Gop's anti-Obamacare strategy death spiral, the collapse of resistance to Medicaid expansion, both leading to the possible dissolution of the once-hyped "wave." So what's left for them? How about using this pre-fab punditry formula to turn almost anything into a "serious issue?" What about ISIS? Chris Christie tries on the foreign policy costume, donors say it doesn't fit. And don't miss Greg's weekend wrap-up, "Things you can learn from Mom and Dad", Rei's latest on Bárðarbunga. Thank the stars for their substance, because from where I sat, the weekend was filled with chatter about tan suits and naked selfies. Last week's 9-year-old with an Uzi story continued to capture eyes & imaginations, but there was plenty of routine kids' #GunFAIL, too. And the clamor for reaction to Russia leads to bans on imports, which leads to AK-47s

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