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Episode 008 Culture Matters Podcast with Tom Andriola

Jun 19 1332 minutes

Summary In this episode I Interview Tom Andriola. Tom Andriola is currently the General Manager of Healthcare Informatics at Philips Healthcare Greater China, a business dedicated to technology innovation, improving patient care and saving lives. He also is responsible at Philips for Informatics businesses in Latin America and India and manages a global organization of more than 600 people. He is a sought after speaker on developing technology trends in healthcare and changes happening in the world’s emerging healthcare markets. Tom has been with Philips for 10 years and held several management positions running healthcare businesses and driving business transformation programs. Prior to Philips, Tom helped start several technology businesses and spent time as a Chief Information Officer. He has engineering degrees from The George Washington University and University of South Florida and an Executive MBA from Stanford University. Build Your Cultural Competence In the Culture Matters podcast we interview real people with real stories. Every other week there is a guest with broad international experience and lots of cultural insights. I interview real people with real stories. To subscribe directly using iTunes, Click here. Links You can reach Tom Andriola in the following ways: LinkedIn Mobile: +1 508 2654535 How To Get In Touch With Culture Matters I'd love for you to get in touch. There are a couple of ways you can do this: Via this website: Just use the “Ask Your Question” tab on the right of the screen and leave a voice mail Email me at Send me a Tweet: @chrissmit Finally Thank you so much for taking the time to read this far, maybe even listen to my Podcast. I hope you will be back for the next episode of the Culture Matters Podcast!

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