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Episode Info: Do you sometimes put off working on your English skills? It’s normal to avoid difficult tasks, but don’t procrastinate any longer! Come join Andrew and Suzanne for this Simplified Speech episode about the troubles everyone faces when trying to get work done. Fun fact Procrastination affects some groups of people more than others. While most people avoid doing important tasks occasionally, people who procrastinate habitually make up about 20% of the population. However, among college students, that number is as high as 85% to 90 %! Expressions included in the learning materials * Straight up * To go down a rabbit hole * Procrastination * A go-getter * An idle mind is the devil’s playground For a complete transcript, click:    Sample transcript Andrew:           Hey Suzanne. How are you? Suzanne:        I’m good. How are you? Andrew:           I’m doing pretty well. I had a bit of a difficult time getting myself motivated to start work this morning. Suzanne:        Oh, why? What happened? Andrew:           Well, I just didn’t feel like working, straight up. Does that ever happen to you? Suzanne:        All the time. It takes me a long time to get moving and motivated sometimes, depending on the task. Andrew:           Exactly. Me too. And so because of this, I thought it would make for an interesting episode if we talked today about procrastination. Suzanne:        Oh! Andrew:           A big word, procrastination. Suzanne:        Procrastination. Andrew:           Yeah, procrastination. What is procrastination, Suzanne? Can you give our listeners a definition? Suzanne:        Yeah. So procrastination is when you have something that you should be doing, like an assignment or going to work, but you delay it because you don’t want to do it. So maybe the thing you have to do is overwhelming. Or maybe it’s really boring or difficult, and you just don’t want to get started. SuzanRead more »

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