Who We Are (formerly Career Day)

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Show Info: An audio documentary podcast about humans and the things we do. This was originally Career Day, looking at how people discovered their current job and how career factored into who they became. But that was just the beginning. With each episode, I learned more and more just how willing people were to tell their personal journal about lots of things- even beyond career- that shaped them as individuals. Who We Are grew out of candid and intimate details of true life shared by hundreds of humans around the world. I’m amazed at how unique every story is, despite overlaps in upbringing, education, challenges overcome, and even career choice. Likewise, the similarity of some stories that have seemingly nothing else in common but perseverance and a dream astound me. These are real people near and far, some you may unknowingly bump into on the street. There is so much we can learn from each other. Together, this is Who We Are.

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