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Show Info: In a world where we are constantly plugged into the internet and social media, we are bombarded with stories about "new studies" or "new research" in health. Whether we want to or not, these stories impact how we see the world, how we think about science and health and our behavior. But what if the news is wrong? In each episode of this podcast we will focus on a specific health news story and together, we will reemerge with a deeper understanding of why and how the research gets distorted beyond recognition, and how to go about digging deeper if one is to actually find out the truth. Ultimately, as more informed citizens we can demand higher quality of health news, and then hopefully the media will reconsider their assumption that we are all stupid and don’t actually care. What can you do? When you see an article with “ a new study shows” or "research shows" in the title, tweet it at me @callstohealth or use the Contact page, and I promise to do my best to follow up on them. Subscribe to the show on your podcasting app and tune in every other week for a new episode. Together, let’s break the cycle of misrepresentation of health research in the media.

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