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Show Info: BlackManProblems is a joint project from the dynamic duo of Anthony Brown and Ciaran Callam (no relation!) Hailing from the great city of Birmingham but living in the heart of London, we're a couple'a dudes who don't take life too seriously and love to have a laugh. However; we're also passionate about honesty, integrity, social observation, racial integration, and breaking down the unnecessary codes of conduct that keep us all from living lives that truly make us happy. If you like the idea of watching two guys have thoughtful but no holds barred conversations about the sorts of topics that most are just too scared to touch, then hop on board with our movement and get involved as we work to make the world a better place. We love a healthy debate and we crave feedback so your opinions are greatly appreciated. If there's something we're doing amazingly well, fill us in and we'll respond with our thanks. If you catch us slipping, let us know the score and we'll think carefully about what you've said. Loosely put; we're nothing like that Gwen Stefani woman: If you holla at us, we'll holla back. Anyway, that's it for now so take it easy, have a great day, subscribe to our channel and remember; You don't have to be black to have BlackManProblems!

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