The Cis Are Getting Out of Hand!

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Show Info: This is a show for non-cis people by non-cis people. Two poly transpeople, to be specific. Marissa Alexa McCool and Ari Stillman get together about all the cis things going on without taking their feelings into consideration. If this bothers you, consider how many places we have to do that in comparison to you. We are non-cis, and this is our space. There will be no cis guests. There will be no cis topics. We will talk shit and tell you that you will apologize for your gender. Especially Ari. It isn't for you, cis people. We won't be fair, we won't be rational, and we won't make any effort to be impartial, objective, or deferential. This is mostly for us to talk shit in a place with no cis people to tell us "not all..." So cis people, if you come here to join us, fine, but sit down, shut up, and apologize for your cisness. But remember... IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU!

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