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Masters in Finance: What You Need to Know

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The Masters in Finance degree is one of the most up and coming specialized masters programs in the business world. Listen to the recording of our conversation with Anthony DeAngelis, owner and founder of Masters in Finance HQ, for the low-down on his company, the MSF degree, and the world of finance. 00:03:35 – The bored (but not boring!) beginnings of MSFHQ . 00:06:03 – What do financial analysts really do? 00:13:37 – Different types of MSF/MiF programs and what kind of candidates they are looking for. 00:16:40 – Can liberal arts grads go the finance route? 00:19:30 – A word about the schools that require work experience. 00:21:28 – Plenty of work to go around in the finance industry. 00:23:47 – Guidelines for the MSF vs. MBA vs. Financial Engineering Degree decision. 00:27:58 –Financial services are rebounding. What does the future hold? 00:34:56 – What’s changed the most at MSFHQ. 00:36:45 – Advice for people considering the MSF. *Theme music is courtesy of Related Links: • MSFHQ • Services Section (SUMMER Sale ends on July 15!) • What is a Masters in Finance? Related Shows: • The Facts About Financial Services • Which Schools are Good for PE/VC and VC-Backed Entrepreneurship  • Business, Law and Beyond: An Interview with John Engelman • Case Interview Secrets and More with Victor Cheng Subscribe to Admissions Straight Talk:

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