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Hitting the Pads with David and – - QUENTIN HENRY!!

Apr 5 1348 minutes

With Jack off in Austin getting his new Belfort look on, Hitting the Pads needed another Bearded partner, Since last week we covered UFC on Fuel 9, this week Pro Fighter Quentin Henry was nice enough to give us an interview. I've tried to clean the audio up as much as possible, and make sure you follow Quentin at @HeroHenry on Twitter, and visit his Facebook page as well Quentin is Undefeated as a Pro, and was kind enough to go almost 45 minutes with us. The Hero talks about his upbringing, being a firefighter and a fighter,  his first amateur fight (Loss?), cutting weight, How to become a pro-fighter, and weather or not he is a fan of MMA! We don't get to talk much about Jacked, the MTV program that Quentin got a quick appearance in, just long enough to notch a KO win. Thanks again Quentin, Make sure if you want a T-Shirt, hit him up on his Facebook Page, and Tell him 7Poundbag sent you. If nothing else, you are supporting a Firefighter.   I'm going to try and get some of Quentins Best fights up on our partner Site, ArklatexMMAassault.com  this week, keep your eyes posted.       April 27th! The RUMBLE in Shreveport! EVENT LINK   Podcast is also on Stitcher and Itunes

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