The Stitcher List Launches in the App!

You can now discover the top ranked and trending shows in the app with The Stitcher List. The first of its kind for on demand radio, The Stitcher List ranks the most popular, trending and shared shows every week.  Discover the most talked about shows among over 10,000 shows and programs available on Stitcher.  Listeners can easily browse multiple lists within the app:

  • Most Popular: A look at the top 50 ranked shows
  • Top Movers: The best of the newest shows, with a few interesting surprises each week
  • Most Shared: See what listeners are sharing across Twitter, Facebook or email

From the most popular radio programs to emerging new podcasts, there’s another way for you to discover the best of Internet radio on Stitcher. So take out and detangle those headphones to discover something new in the app. Highlights for this week’s Stitcher List include:

  • This American Life: Stories about people in trouble who look for help in mystifying places – including a 15-year-old boy who travels 1,000 miles to seek his hero and a man with terrible medical problem hoping for a cure from a famous doctor (Most Popular).
  • CDNTech Network: Current events in tech for the week, including Microsoft’s new web mail client, the impact of twitter on the 2012 Olympics and future of subscription models for gaming (Top Mover).
  • Freakonomics: Freakonomics Goes to College – The value of a college education these days, including the billion dollar fake degree industry (Most Shared).

Happy Listening,

The Stitcher Team

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