Two New Stations up NOW!

Thanks to Mike O and Peter in Development, I have finally got two stations up I have wanted for awhile. You can now find “Recently Added” and  ”Updated Hourly” at the top of your topics list.  I am as excited as a little girl. 

“Recently Added” features the best of the new shows we have found and put up on Stitcher.  Some of my favorites that are up there are: 

Diner Party Download- This is a great show. In 15 minutes these guys talk you through news topics, jokes, and drinks that you will need for this weekends diner party.  You really have to listen to see how cool and funny this show is.

60 Second Science- A great update on the days science news in 60 seconds.  You have a minute, so listen!

Today in Music History- Great wrap up of the day in music history, just like the name says:) Great clips and fun facts you can use to sound smart all day with.

Go to Recently Added by clicking here:

Our “Updated Hourly Station” is just that, shows that update every hour so you can stay up on the news. Check out Deutsche Welle…it’s the German equivalent to the BBC and does a great job updating you on World News. This station will continue to keep checking.

Go to Hourly Updated now by clicking here:

Alright…there is my plug.  As always, I’m here for your suggestions, tips, and if you need, recipes for road kill.



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