Holiday Cheer at Stitcher

The holidays are in full swing at Stitcher!

We held our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange during lunch last Friday, and there were some hilarious results! First, Justin Bieber items were popular this year as were Nerf guns and POP phones.

Jerry and Christine with their POP phones

Sean was the lucky recipient of a Hello Kitty water cooler, which he put to very good use.

Sean's Hello Kitty water cooler

Peter managed to get a can of unicorn meat, and Danielle stole the bottle of Crown Royal from Colin.

Danielle takes the Crown!

Last Friday was also the first day of our Five (Business) Days of Festivus. Each Stitcher employee has a chance to win a prize each day, ending with a grand prize this Thursday. (It’s a good one!)

To add to the fun, we had our holiday bowling party with family and friends this past Sunday!

Some of the Stitcher employees!

Noah, the bowling pro

Noah, the bowling pro

Some of us did (much) better than others, with Noah having the best score.

We hope that you all enjoy the holidays as much as we have been enjoying them and, as always, thank you for your support!


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