BlogWorld Podcasting Takeaways

BlogWorld 2011

Scott Monty, Head of Social Media at Ford, being interviewed

Just back from a great trip to LA for BlogWorld 2011! We had the chance to meet up with many podcasters and sit in on some interesting sessions about the podcasting industry.

We also interviewed a bunch of the podcasters on-site for a special show called Voices of New Media. Listen here for some great information and insights from those in the podcasting community.

It’s so valuable to be able to talk to podcasters and content owners to make sure they are aware of Stitcher, to make sure that Stitcher is providing them what they need to best reach their listeners and to ensure we have all the content available that our listeners want to hear.

We have return inspired! It was great meeting some great people, to hear how many folks are using Stitcher (a big uptick since last year), and to understand how we can best support the goals of a podcaster.

Some key takeaways from the event:

  • There was a general dissatisfaction about low traffic at podcast-related booths and the lack of support for podcasting  from Apple, Microsoft, etc
    • Podcasts have not driven revenue for these companies so they are not a priority
    • Podcasts are Stitcher’s priority!
    • On the flipside,  people pointed to the influx of mainstream media starting podcasts (Rich Eisen, Alec Baldwin, to name a few)
    • As terrestrial radio listening decreases, podcasting/on-demand content is increasing,  yet the industry still lacks a central voice/standards/rankings/tech development that enables huge success (monetization)
    • So how do you make money?
      • Only shows with more than 10K download per episode will really be able find advertising dollars in the current market
      • Pay attention to your listening metrics and download data
      • Cliff Ravenscraft has been successfully making a living off of his podcasting efforts for years.  He hosted a great session where he talked about how to make money.   His primary tips:
        • Don’t get into it for the money AND establish meaningful relationships.
        • Cliff offers great advice to podcasters from set-up to sales here.
  • Don’t forget Stitcher offers an affiliate program – an effective way to monetize shows of all sizes!
  • For the most part, everyone agrees that podcasters should ‘go wide’. Distribute shows on as many platforms, apps, social networks and sites as possible
    • Let listeners find you where they are and be where they want to be
    • This is how you have a chance to get to 10K/episode
    • Stitcher is the #2 place where people are finding new shows (c/o Rob Walch, Today in iOS, Libsyn)
Cliff Ravenscraft at BlogWorld 2011

Cliff Ravenscraft on what it takes to be a successful podcaster

Hopefully, as a result of our trip to BlogWorld, Stitcher will be able to offer more shows for our listeners and more integration and opportunities for content providers. We have already added quite a few new shows based on introductions. We have a few innovations coming out on the product side that will make it easier for show hosts to stay in contact with their audiences. We will continue to make enhancements to the Stitcher Provider Portal to offer greater insights about listening on Stitcher.  Also, we will soon introduce a quarterly Partner Newsletter. This will feature trends and rankings based on Stitcher listening, spotlight successful shows and feature advice from these hosts, and more.
We are really excited to roll out all these things to our Stitcher community.  It’s gonna be a big 2012!

If anyone would like any more info on the event,   about working with Stitcher, or to hear more about our goals, please email I look forward to talking with you!


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