Stitcher SmartRadio Now Playing on Sonos

Radio lovers around the world can now enjoy Stitcher’s massive offering of on-demand talk radio shows and podcasts on the Sonos Wireless Music system.

Stitcher and Sonos have teamed up, and starting today, users can listen to Stitcher from any room of their homes with the award-winning Sonos Wireless Music System, famous for its mesh network technology that provides whole-house coverage and can be expanded instantly without wires or hassle.

Set-up is easy: If you already own a Sonos system, just sign-up at and begin listening to Stitcher and hundreds of other music offerings instantly on your Sonos system today!

By combining Stitcher’s service with Sonos, listeners can now access Stitcher’s deep selection of audio content, including more than 5,000 shows from talk radio personalities to podcasts with topics ranging from news to sports to entertainment, easily in their homes as the entertainment follows them from room to room.

Happy Listening!


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