Our Relationship With Content Partners

There was a great debate yesterday on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast [available here -> listen here] (starts at about 2:22:00) about Stitcher and the benefits we offer to our content partners. This conversation provides us a prime opportunity to clarify some things about our business and our vision.

We are a small team of passionate folks who believe that the Internet is the future of radio.  We are here to serve both our listeners and our content partners– many of whom share our enthusiasm for pioneering radio’s new landscape.

We are proud to introduce our content partners to cutting-edge platforms – including your vehicle’s dashboard and your home stereo. And a rapidly growing number of listeners prefer the ease of our platform – both on mobile phones and in the car. Together, Stitcher and our content partners create the future of radio: It takes both great content and the right technology platform to deliver it.

We are working around the clock to enable content partners of all sizes to monetize their efforts and to deliver their content to a large audience in as convenient, enjoyable and cost-efficient way as possible.  While our company is young and growing at an incredible pace, we do make attempts to establish relationships with all major content providers – and that certainly includes sharing revenue (we made several attempts to contact Mr. Burr, a guest on Rogan’s podcast linked above).

Finally, it’s true, the numbers from Stitcher and other podcast services like Google Listen don’t count towards iTunes rankings.  They do count towards the Stitcher rankings – and, in addition, we send our content partners their download numbers and other listening metrics. Also, we have almost completed development of a self-serve portal where our content partners can easily access all of their usage on a daily basis.

Many thanks to our listeners and content partners for your support and enthusiasm!


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