Fernando and Greg are on Stitcher!

Fernando and Greg Return to Radio on Stitcher
Bay Area favorites bring their popular talk show ‘The Fernando and Greg Show’ to Stitcher’s mobile phone application

San Francisco, October 19, 2009 – Stitcher, an award-winning news-and-talk-radio application for mobile phones, is thrilled to announce the return of Bay Area institutes Fernando and Greg. Through an innovative partnership, new episodes of “The Fernando and Greg Show” will be available on-demand on Stitcher after 3pm PST three to five times per week.

Fernando and Greg’s morning show on Energy 92.7 was a favorite wakeup call for Bay Area listeners for more than four years. The hosts’ fan base extends well outside of California with numerous recognitions including: the first commercially broadcast gay morning US radio show and inclusion in Out magazine’s Top 100 most influential people in gay culture. However, in September, Energy’s format was flipped and the show lost its home. Their legions of fans have been wondering where the pair would go next and hoping they would be able to enjoy Fernando and Greg’s quick wit, unique and independent conversations again very soon.

Enter Stitcher Radio. Stitcher is a free “Smart Radio” mobile phone application available on the iPhone, Palm Pre and Blackberry as well as online at www.stitcher.com. Stitcher is available for anyone with an Internet connection or a supported phone. Fernando and Greg will record thirty-minute talk shows at least three times each week in the Stitcher studios. The show will then be available to all Stitcher listeners in time for the afternoon commute and a late-day pick-me-up. The duo will put their spin on sports and entertainment, as well as share hilarious stories from their personal lives.

Co-Host Greg notes, “Fernando and I are very excited about having a new outlet for our voices.

We’ve missed being on the air and interacting with listeners. Stitcher provides a new and exciting venue for our voices!”

Stitcher’s CEO, Noah Shanok agrees: “The way people listen to radio is evolving. Stitcher’s aim is to provide listeners their favorite programming wherever they are and whenever they want it. Delivering ‘The Fernando and Greg Show’ is definitely giving people what they want and what they have been missing. We are so excited to present this iconic show.”

‘The Fernando and Greg Show’ will be available beginning Monday, October 19, on-demand only on Stitcher. Find it in the “Stitcher’s Pick” station.


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