Welcome To Your Personalized Front Page Android Listeners!

Earlier this year we re-envisioned the way listeners discover and consume audio content with our new iOS Front Page. We’ve spent time testing and iterating and are now excited to introduce to you a new version of  our feed. The Front Page is essentially your personalized audio feed – new episodes from your favorite shows, recommendations, headline news and highlight clips from great episodes.

The ability to discover new shows has long been one of the reasons we hear about why people love Stitcher so we focused on making it even easier with this new version.  We also wanted to make something simple, personalized and delightful to use – we’re looking forward to your feedback. The Front Page is the default screen you see when starting and is also accessible from the left pane menu icon. Each episode in the Front Page is algorithmically selected just for you, using our knowledge of your listening behavior and hundreds of millions of listening hours across our entire audience.  Here’s a few tips to help you get started:

  • Tapping on the episode reveals more information about it and gives you access to additional actions such as info and listen later buttons
  • Info Button: opens the show page to be able to access previous episodes of that show
  • Listen Later: Saves the episode to your listen later playlist
  • At the top of your Front Page is a toggle which lets you view just news headlines, similar to the previous version of the Front Page

Take it for a spin and let us know what you think at feedback@stitcher.com.  We’re already working on more improvements so stay tuned. Thanks for listening! The Stitcher Team


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