Advertising on Stitcher

As you may have noticed, the amount and frequency of advertising on Stitcher has increased in recent weeks.  Advertising is an integral part of our business model, enabling us to continue to provide the Stitcher service for free, however I wanted to acknowledge some growing pains as we’ve rolled this out and offer my sincere apologies.

The good news is there is rapidly growing interest from advertisers looking to reach Stitcher listeners.  This in turn has required us to accelerate our learning around the best way to deliver this advertising and preserve the listening experience you’ve come to expect from Stitcher.

Among the many things we have developed at Stitcher is a technology for delivering advertising throughout our app.  As the advertising volume in the past weeks has increased, we have seen instances of our ad system performing in unexpected and sometimes suboptimal ways, for example by delivering ads at less than ideal times, serving repetitive ads, and other issues.  As a result, we have committed to partner with Google for all our ad serving moving forward.  They are the leader in the space, and integrating their technology will be a major step forward to alleviate many of these issues.  It will take us a bit of time to complete this integration, but it is a top priority for us to ensure we bring you the very best experience possible on Stitcher.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we make the transition.

We’ve also been listening to your feedback on Stitcher Plus – obviously some of you have already chosen that option for enjoying ad free listening on Stitcher.  Keep the feedback coming and it’s possible we will be evolving the Stitcher Plus offering in the coming months as well.  This option is currently available on iOS and we are actively evaluating how we can bring to Android – stay tuned.

Finally, we want to make you aware that we share our revenue with our content partners and to our knowledge, we are the only service doing so.  We recently expanded the program to include more of our content partners.  We will continue to grow this revenue sharing program as we grow.  You should know that by listening on Stitcher you’re also supporting the content producers themselves.  We’re dedicated to growing this industry for everyone.

Again, our apologies for the bumpy transition.  We appreciate your candid feedback and will continue to work to find the right balance for advertising.
Thanks for listening!

Noah Shanok

Co-founder & CEO


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