Listen Later – Now on Your Favorite Websites!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a first ever Listen Later feature that revolutionizes the personal playlist by enabling web-surfers to shift the spoken word audio content and podcast episodes that they discover online to their mobile phones and to times when listening is more convenient for them.

What is Listen Later?
It’s like Pocket or Instapaper but for audio. Through an embeddable button added by websites, the new Listen Later feature enables visitors to the sites of radio producers like Science Friday or FOX News Radio to save episodes of their popular shows and the audio portions of articles to their Listen Later playlists on Stitcher.

Why is Listen Later Needed for Audio Listening?
Since launching Listen Later inside of Stitcher’s mobile apps earlier this year, we’ve seen large numbers of listeners save interesting episodes so that they can shift their listening to times that work better for them – like their commute.  People’s browsing often happens at different times than their listening and without a save for later feature, many would-be listeners choose not to listen at all.

Where Can Listeners Find Listen Later Buttons?
Listen Later is already integrated into many popular websites. Also available today, Listen Later is integrated throughout Stitcher’s own website allowing anyone to begin building a Listen Later playlist based on the stories they discover there.

Who’s Partnering with us at Launch?
The feature is live as of 9am EST this morning, so if you’re interested we encourage you to check it out. You can see it on sites like:

Science Friday



Fox News Radio

Heritage Radio Network


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