Eight Stitcher Tips for Android

The magic of 25,000+ voices just got a little easier to wield with the latest Stitcher release for Android. There are novel features for both new and long time listeners to adjust to and master. We’ve placed a few tips within the app for new users and those who are upgrading and wanted to provide a little more detail here on how to get the best out of Stitcher and out of your podcasts.

1.  Using the new Menu

The new left-drawer menu streamlines access to all of your content – the Front Page, your playlists, Browse Shows and Listen Later – from anywhere in the app*.

> Tip:  Simply place your thumb on the far left side of your screen (all the way to the edge) and swipe right.

* If you are navigating within the player, you must first close the player by tapping the “X” in the top left corner before you can swipe right to access the menu.

2.  Player & Mini Player

Stitcher is built on the core principle that we want you to be able to have two seamless experiences: playing your podcasts and discovering new shows. With the player & mini player we’ve made it possible to always be able to access the episode that is playing and the player controls from anywhere in the app. Whenever something is playing, it will appear in the mini player.

> Tip:  Expanding the full player grants you access to more details about the episode, previous episodes, and extended player controls.

3. Browse Shows

Looking for new shows or types of podcasts to listen to? Dive into Stitcher’s endless audio content and find exactly what you’re looking for in Browse Shows. As we work towards a more visually unified application, we did something recently that we’re really proud of: we redesigned our category lists within Browse Shows – check them out and let us know what you think!

> Tip: Access browse shows from the left drawer menu, tap into a station until you see a list of episodes. From the list of episodes, you can tap on the settings menu in the top right corner of the episode to add it directly to your Listen Later playlist.

4.  Building a Playlist

With Stitcher, you can save all of your favorite shows to playlists to keep them organized and easily accessible. Your playlists consist of the most recent episode of every show you save – so you’re always up-to-date. Get started by accessing the show page of any podcast you’re interested in by tapping the “Info” button, then select the “+” button adjacent the show name to add it to your playlist.

- To edit your playlist, first open it, then tap the three bar settings icon in the top right of the playlist. From here you can edit the order, delete shows, rename your playlist, or access offline listening settings.

> Tip: Open your playlist and tap the three bar settings icon on the first show. From here, you can directly play that episode and it will play through your entire playlist – skipping over the episodes you’ve already heard.

5.  Listen Later

Listen Later lets you save individual episodes to a playlist on the go! Whenever you’re browsing and you see an episode you want to check out at a later time, simply add it to your Listen Later playlist which you can access from the new drawer menu. Here are a few pointers:

You can add a an episode to your listen later playlist virtually anywhere, from the show page or by tapping the menu icon that appears to the right of the item.

- After you play an item in the Listen Later playlist it automatically gets archived to the bottom of the list.

- Remove episodes by tapping the settings menu to the right of the list item.

> Tip:  Set your Listen Later playlist to be available offline, that way, you can add episodes directly to the list and wherever you are you’ll be able to access the episodes you want to listen to!

6.  Offline Listening

You can download all of the episodes in your playlists to listen offline when you are out of network or can’t connect to Wi-Fi.  Depending on your settings, whenever Stitcher refreshes it will make sure your playlists are up-to-date by automatically downloading the most recent episode of each given show in that playlist.

> Tips: Open the playlist you want to make available offline and simply flip the toggle to “ON.”

7. Heard or Unheard?

It’s easy to keep track of your listening status with Stitcher. The solid blue circle on an episode means it’s unheard, partially filled means partially heard, and if it’s empty save a faint outline it’s completely heard.

8.  Sleep Timer!

Dear Stitcher Listeners, Mom, Dad and the general public: sleep timer for android is finally here! For all those of you who enjoy a soothing and entertaining way to fall asleep at night, you can ensure you don’t miss too much of your show with the sleep timer.

Tip: Play any show, expand the player, tap the up arrows in the middle of the control bar – then select the amount of time before you want Stitcher to pause. Sweet dreams!


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