Ten Stitcher for iOS Tips

As with any product launch, there are new features to check out and changes for new and long time listeners to digest and get used to.  With the latest Stitcher for iOS launch, an all new redesign, there’s a lot more than usual!  We’ve added some tips for upgrading and new users in the app itself but also wanted to provide some additional info here on our blog to help with the transition.  Here’s 10 Tips & Tricks to help you get the most out of Stitcher.

1.  Using the new Menu

One of the key changes to the new app is a change in the menu – from a dashboard style to a slide out panel on the left side of the app.  The main motivation for this change was to make it quicker and easier to get to your playlists.

> Tip:  Swipe left to right anywhere in the app to expand the menu and access your playlists.

2.  The New Front Page

The new My Front Page feature takes the curated news stories you are used to and adds in new episodes of your favorites as they become available and recommendations based on your past listening or even your location.  And that’s just the beginning – we’ll be adding more great stuff like what your friends are listening to over time.  As you use the app it gets smarter about what to put into this personalized audio feed.

> Tip:  Pull to refresh for the latest content and if you see stuff you like but don’t have time to listen to, tap Listen Later to add it to your Listen Later playlist.

3.  Player & Mini Player

In the new version of Stitcher, we wanted to make it easy to see and pause what’s now playing from anywhere in the app.  When something is playing, a mini player bar appears at the bottom of the screen.  When you start up the app, it automatically loads whatever you were playing last so you can pick up where you left off.

> Tips:  Swipe up on the mini player to expand to full Now Playing view, swipe down on that view to collapse back to the mini player.  In the full Now Playing view, swipe the player controls up to access progress bar, volume, car mode and more.

4.  Episode cards

Episode “cards” are used throughout the app – on My Front Page, in the Now Playing view, as well as on Show Information pages.  They typically have the following elements:

- Top band with Show name – tap this to go directly to the Show Information page

- Image – either an episode specific image or a show image/album art

- Episode title & duration information

- Listen and Listen Later buttons

> Tip:  Tap an episode card to reveal the expanded episode description.

5.  Building a Playlist

For long time Stitcher listeners, managing your playlists should feel very familiar.  For new listeners, playlists allow you to create lists of your favorite shows that are always updated with the latest episode.  Playing a playlist plays the latest episode of each show in the list.  A few pointers:

- To add shows to your playlists, tap the + button wherever you see it

- To edit your playlists, tap the gear icon on any playlist, then tap Edit

- To set a playlist to download the latest episodes, tap the gear icon and turn ‘Available Offline’ ON

- To refresh a playlist to get the latest episodes, pull down on the list

> Tip:  Tap the description area to access additional episode details and options.  Tap the play button on the right side to start playing immediately.

6.  Show Information Pages

As you browse the app, you’ll find that each show (i.e. “Radiolab”) has its own “Show Information” page.  From these pages you can:

- See a list of current and previous episodes to listen to

- Add a show to a playlist (use the “+” button in the upper right)

- Add any episode to your Listen Later playlist

- Discover similar shows by tapping the “Listeners also like” section

> Tip:  Playing a past episode from the Show Information page will play that episode and then continue through unheard episodes from your selection through newest.  You can change this playback direction in Settings>General>PlayBack Behavior.

7.  Listen Later

We’ve made the Listen Later button available everywhere so it’s easier than ever to save episodes that look interesting when you don’t have time in the moment to listen.  Unlike your other playlists, Listen Later is a playlist of episodes (your other playlists are lists of Shows that play the latest episode of each).

> Tips: Tap the gear icon on the Listen Later playlist to set your playlist to download for offline listening or to Edit which allows you to reorder or delete episodes.

8.  Offline Listening

Stitcher allows you to download episodes in your playlists for offline listening (i.e. when you don’t have a Wi-Fi or cellular network data connection).  To enable any playlist for offline listening, tap the gear icon on a playlist or visit Settings>Offline Listening.

> Tip:  Stitcher downloads the most recent episode of the shows in your playlist (or your specific saved episode in the case of the Listen Later playlist) when you start the app.  Pulling to refresh on a playlist view will also check for and download new episodes.

9.  Heard or unheard?

The Play button is also designed to let you know whether you’ve heard an episode or not.  If it’s solid blue it’s unheard, if partially filled it is partially heard and if it is just a blue circle outline it’s fully heard.  Green variations mean that the episode has been downloaded for listening offline.

10.  Stitcher Plus

Stitcher Plus is our premium service that allows you to listen to Stitcher without additional banner or audio ads. Note however that we cannot remove ads that are added by the podcasters themselves. For only $5.99 you can listen to Stitcher ad-free for 3 full months.

> Tip:  Sign up for Stitcher Plus in the app by going to Settings in the menu and selecting “Stitcher Plus”.


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