Stitcher for Android Adds Unlimited Episodes + Listen Later

Today, Stitcher for Android is updated to include not just access to almost any episode of your favorite shows (even episodes from years ago) but also adds the ability for you to quickly add any episode to a ‘Listen Later’ playlist.

While browsing episodes on Stitcher, if you see something you like but don’t have time to listen at the moment, simply add it to  Listen Later by using the large icons or context menus.  These episodes will be saved to a new playlist accessible through your main navigation drawer.  Then come back and listen later when you have time. If you’ve ever used apps like Instapaper or Pocket, you’ll be familiar with this way of saving interesting content for later.  Start building your listening to-do list.

Download the latest Android update to get the following features:

  • Listen Later
  • Unlimited Past Episodes
  • Improved!  As usual, a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

The free Stitcher App is available for all Android listeners and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store at

Happy Listening,

The Stitcher Team


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