2013 Stitcher Listener of the Year: Doug McVey!

Last night at the Stitcher Awards we recognized the content producers who create the amazing shows we love to listen to.  We also wanted to take a moment to recognize the people who consume all this great content – our listeners.  This year for the first time we’re awarding Listener of the Year, and our inaugural successessay winner is Doug McVey!  Interestingly he hails not from the West or East Coast but from Rogers, Arkansas.  To say Doug listens to Stitcher a lot is an understatement – since discovering Stitcher in December of 2009 he’s:

  • Listened to 16,116 hours (and counting!)
  • Racked up over 2,800 hours of listening in 2013 alone
  • Averaged almost 8 hours of listening every day of 2013

Funnily enough, we noticed that 2 of the top 5 listeners were from Arkansas – when we asked Doug about this he replied “well I guess there’s not much else to do out here.”  Doug enjoys a variety of shows from news & politics to Adam Carolla to tech podcasts like TWiT and This Week in iOS.  He’s also a fantastic evangelist, mentioning Stitcher to “just about everyone” and has successfully converted his wife and daughter to regular listeners.  Doug’s just one of many who listen and love Stitcher but his above and beyond loyalty has earned him our Listener of the Year award – congratulations Doug!

The Stitcher Team


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