Stitcher Adds Helpshift to Simplify Listener Support

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with HelpShift to make it easier for listeners to get their questions answered and send feedback to the Stitcher team.

Now with HelpShift (already available in Stitcher’s iOS and Web apps – Android coming soon), listeners can quickly find answers to frequently asked questions, easily contact the Stitcher team with questions they don’t see already addressed, and conveniently track their correspondence in one easy thread, either within the app itself or in their email.

Here’s how to visit the FAQs or send feedback

  • iPhone: Access the updated FAQs from within the app via the Help button, located inside the app’s Settings. Listeners can either browse for issues by category or search for questions by entering keywords in the “Describe your problem” bar. If listeners aren’t able to find the answers they’re looking for, they can report an issue.
  • Web App: The new Stitcher FAQs are accessible by clicking the Feedback tab located on the lower left of the page, which will direct listeners to the comprehensive list of our FAQs, located at To send the Stitcher Team a question, listeners can click the blue Contact Us button.
  • Android: An in-app version of these refreshed FAQs is coming soon in an update to the Stitcher app! But Android listeners can still send us questions and suggestions as usual, using the Feedback feature, accessed through the device’s Menu button while inside the Stitcher app.

This news is great for our content providers, too. Not only have we integrated the same HelpShift SDK into the Stitcher Provider Portal, HelpShift easily has doubled our overall feedback efficiency, so we’re able to learn about issues from listeners and providers alike sooner and attend to them faster.

We also encourage Stitcher listeners to drop us a line using this new feedback system whenever they have unique feature suggestions or questions that go beyond the technical scope.

As always – happy listening,

The Stitcher Team


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