Questions…we get questions…

I get all the questions that are sent in to Stitcher, so I thought I would address a few of them that I think might help everyone.  I believe these are normally refered to FAQs…but I will call them SLAM…Stuff Listeners Ask Matty.

When will we be able to fwd, rwd, and resume on Stitcher?  We are testing Stitcher 2.0 right now.  It is faster, much more stable, and has the duration bar we all have wanted.  I say this with all modesty, it is AWESOME.  If all goes as plan you will see it next week.

How do I get a show on Stitcher that I like?  Email me! I will do what I can to get it up for you.  It’s that easy!  BTW, my email is

How do I turn off email/SMS alerts?  If you go into “tools” in the App, you can turn alerts on or off.  If you are still getting them or having problems, again, just email me.

How do I find new shows that I have never heard? Hit the search button and type in a topic or show name and we will give you a list of shows you might like.  Also, make sure you thumb up shows you enjoy so that Stitcher can learn and start feeding you shows you will like within our stations. 

I have a question you didn’t answer!  Ok, relax.  Just email me the question and I will do my best to take care of you.

I hope that helped. on the lookout for Stitcher 2.0 coming next week!!!!!!


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