Stitcher Launches on BMW and MINI Connected Vehicles

With today’s iPhone release, Stitcher is now available in BMW Apps and Mini Connected dashboards. BMW and Mini drivers will enjoy a fully integrated Stitcher Smart Radio app experience in the car, delivering over 10,000 radio shows and live stations to customers around the globe.

Listeners can create a personal talk radio station experience with up-to-the-minute episodes of news, entertainment, sports, talk and live radio programs streamed directly to the vehicle’s infotainment system.

Stitcher can be used worldwide in BMW models equipped with the BMW Apps option, and MINI models with MINI Connected. Check out the full photo gallery on the BMW blog for more details.

Over 40% of Stitcher listeners use Stitcher in the car, so we’re proud to partner with BMW to deliver the best listening experience for drivers everywhere! Stitcher is also available in GM, Ford, Chevy and Mercedes models.

Happy Listening,

The Stitcher Team


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